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Singing Classes Lucknow


Since the dawn of time, us humans have always found creative ways to make music, even birds, for instance, have a taste for music. Any form of sound which comes from the vocal chords is considered as vocals. Singing is a talent which has been perfected over centuries and has been mastered time and time again.Be it Opera singers, who could shatter glasses with their voice, or Tansen who melted stones with his Raga. The Red Indians, the native tribe of America could make it rain with their Rain Dances. Our mothers can sing us to sleep with their melodious Lullabies. There’s no lack of talent when it comes to singing. And this is what we at Lyrics Academy of Music learn to apply in our teaching methods in our vocal classes Lucknow,  Because of perfection breeds performance.

A Brief Summary On Our Vocal Courses

Classical Vocal Classes Lucknow

We have a treasured faculty for classical singing teachings. India has been undisputed Nexus of classical singing. In the Ancient times, people used to cross oceans just to learn music from our Sages. As time passed, different music Genres emerged, but India was able to retain its classical singing. The Sargam was originated in India, which is said to be the inception of vocal singing. And we are just carrying the torch forward by teaching our students the art of Classical Singing.

Light Classical 

Light Classical Vocal classes Lucknow is more or less contemporary music with rhythm and music that gels well with the listeners, without having to delve into the depths and nuances of Classical music. Ghazals and Qawwalis fall in the paradigm of light classical music genre. Most of the melodious Bollywood songs are also a part of Light Classical. which has quite often been referred to as the “commercial form of singing”. This form of art is also well rehearsed and taught to students and aspiring singers.


Over the past 20 years, our music tastes have been influenced greatly by Western Music. The songs are full of bass, and the beats are just right. There’s a lot of demand for western musicians in our country, the youth is inspired by all the rock and roll. Our Western Vocal classes Lucknow give our students an opportunity to indulge in the western music. The teachers here are adept in Western Vocals, and all the Genres such as Rock, Pop, Country Music, Blues etc.


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