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Summer Camp 2017 Lucknow

Every year we organize a summer camp 2017 Lucknow for Kids falling in the age group of 9-11. With the technological advancement, the kids in their summer vacation waste majority of their time by playing video games, but by enrolling them in Lyrics Academy’s Summer Camp, you’re ensuring that they spend their time creatively. The Summer Camp is organized in all the branches of Lyrics Academy, such as Lucknow, Allahabad, and Kanpur.

This is a great opportunity for learning and making sure the kids grow up to be creative and can express their feelings through music. And save themselves from Computer Games full of Violence. The Classes will be conducted 2 hours for 6 days a week. (Sundays off) There are many options to choose from, such as:

Students can choose from any two subjects. Fees are Rs. 2000 for both subjects combined. The Camp starts from 15th May and will end on 15th June.

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Registrations are open. For more details fill the contact form below

The Summer Camp 2017 in lucknow is always a great success, and it really pleases us to see that parents care about all round development of their children by enrolling them in co-curricular activities. Participating in Summer Camps may not seem like a big deal, but it greatly affects them grow as a person.

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