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Tabla Classes Lucknow

TABLA is today the most important percussion instrument. The Tabla consists of 2 drums which always are played together: the small wooden one has the shape of a cylinder, is Named “Tabla” or “Dayan” and is to be played with the right hand, To become expert join our best Tabla Classes Lucknow.

Lyrics academy of Music is a unique music school based in Lucknow, which aims at imparting the knowledge of Music in general and Tabla in particular. The academy has been a guiding light to many “musically hungry” students. Tabla Gyan has not only catered to the musical needs of the locals but also the foreign nationals, of which most are grooming into quality players

Dholak is a popular folk drum northern India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Dholak has one side which has a high pitch and another side which has a lower pitch and is very popular in folk music.It is various in use of hands, sticks and various combination of both.

Our courses are divided into 3 batches – 3 months for Basic training, 6 months of Advanced Classes, 1 year for Professional Training respectively. It’s our guarantee that any student who’s serious about his courses can learn a great deal in our Tabla Classes Lucknow batches.

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