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Keyboard & Piano

Keyboard & Piano Classes Lucknow

If you’re thinking of signing your child up for Keyboard/ Piano classes Lucknow, enroll them Lyrics Academy of Music, it’s important for you to understand how beneficial these piano lessons can be for your child. From increasing your child’s cognition to helping your child concentrate more easily on every activity they’re involved in; Keyboard instructions pave the way for a well-rounded beginning. Whether your child takes Keyboard classes for six months or 12 months, be ready to notice the benefits. The more comfortable your child is, the more likely they are to flourish.
Let’s face it; playing the Keyboard requires your child’s hands to move independently of each other. These movements increase your child’s hand-eye coordination while providing them with critical thinking skills. Reading sheet music and hitting the right keys while keeping the tempo is no easy feat. Once your child has mastered this, their coordination skills will become clearer in every other activity they try a hand at.

Our courses are divided into 3 batches – 3 months for Basic training, 6 months for Advanced Classes, 1 year for Professional Training respectively. It’s our guarantee that any student who’s serious about his courses can learn a great deal in our batches.

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