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Harmonium Classes Lucknow

Harmonium Classes Lucknow equip you for mastering this traditional instrument of India. The Harmonium is an instrument that is number one in India much as it is used in the religious and cultural celebrations. Harmonium has its roots in classical music in tradition and for playing within the family. It owes its popularity mainly to its easy handling. Students at Lyrics  Academy learn about the finer techniques of standard.

Harmonium Classes Lucknow which offers you the practical as well as the theoretical aspects of the instruments including its origin, significance, etc. The teachers here are expert and experienced. Teacher to student ratio is 1:5 means that every student gets proper attention.

Our courses are divided into 3 batches – 3 months for Basic training, 6 months for Advanced Classes, 1 year for Professional Training respectively. It’s our guarantee that any student who’s serious about his/her courses can learn a great deal in our Harmonium Classes Lucknow batches.

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