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“Opportunities Are Like Are Like Sunrise, If You Wait Too Long You Miss Them.”

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Get In The LimeLight.

"Music Is The Strongest Form Of Magic."

Do you have what it takes to be an Icon? If so, Lyrics Academy of Music provides you with the perfect opportunity to become one. Lyrics Icon is one of the first talent show organized on a state level in Lucknow. Lyrics Academy of Music’s Lyrics Icon is designed for solo artists in Lucknow City who are looking for exposure, recognition, and a chance to be noticed by industry professionals. The goal of Lyrics Icon is to find an outstanding, talented performer: whether you’re a part of an instrument player, a singer, or solo dancer.

Perform At The State Level.

Lyrics Icon offers you a platform where you can showcase your talent at the state level and reputed judges and get recognized. It gives a musician the exposure he/she needs to excel in their respective fields. Any resident of the state who can sing, dance or play a musical instrument gets a chance to perform here. The winner of the Lyrics Icon Will be given an opportunity to perform in the Music  Album released by the Lyrics Academy.

Showcase Your Talent. 

Musical Instrument.

" A flower Doesn't not think of competition to the flower next to it, it just bloom."

In Lucknow, there is no lack of talent when it comes to playing musical instruments. From Classical to Western, Lucknow’s talent can rock any instrument. Apply for Lyrics Icon and get on stage!

Vocal Competition.

" Everyone Loves You Until you Become Competition, Be So Good That They Can't Ignore you."

Bring your voice on the stage with Lyrics Icon. Our competition is open for all kinds of Vocals - Genres such as Classical, Bollywood or Western. Apply for Lyrics Icon and enjoy the spotlight.

Dance Competition.

"Compare yourself only to you who were yesterday. Be your own Competition."

Lyrics Icon gives any Lucknowite who’s got the moves and can Dance an opportunity to perform and compete on a city-wide level. It doesn’t matter if you’re a classical dancer or a Hip-hop dancer.

Eligibility For Our Competition.

The competition is divided among two age groups. 4-11 years and 12-22 years respectively for Dance, Instrumental and Vocal competitions. After the performances, the judges will shortlist the contestants for Semi-finals. The finalists will be performing in their respective fields. The Finalists will come on stage for a final showdown and the best performances will win the competition. If you wish to apply for the competition, upload your performance video and fill out the form given below. You’ll be contacted by our team once you’re selected.