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Recent Performances

Recent Performance

Here are some pictures of the events organized by the Lyrics Academy of Music. Like each year, faculty of all our branches get together and perform on a city-wide scale. By performing in the events, our students get the exposure they need, which helps them fight their fear of performing on stage which brings the best out of them. The festivities end in price ceremony, and the winners get awarded and get the recognition they deserve. We believe this helps the inner artist of the students bloom out and which will help their music career in the future.


1. Lamp Fiesta 2017

Recently, Lyrics Academy organized Lamps Fiesta and it was an amazing feast to see our students showcase their talents. We had a hard time in shortlisting the finalists, but there can be only one winner. However, everyone who performed at the fiesta deserves the first place.
Students from all our branches gathered together and performed at (the name of the place) and performed in front of Judges, amongst the crowd were their friends and family to support them. The event was much appreciated and there was a huge turnaround.



2. Spandan

Spandan is a summer event organized every year by Lyrics Academy of Music, but only in three of our branches in Lucknow i.e. Aliganj, Indira Nagar and Vikas Nagar respectively. In this event, our students showcase their talents on a stage under the spotlight. It’s a One Day Event, and the students who have been members of our community for over a year get recognized and are awarded certificates. Like all our events, the festivities begin with the students playing their instruments, dancing to the beats and singing melodiously.



3. Musikotsava

The event boosts the confidence of the students and by performing on the stage more often, the students come out to be great performers. Musikotsava have no such differences in the matters how and why the event is organized, the only difference is the season. , Musikotsava is organized in winters. The purpose and order of festivities remain the same, give the students aa chance to showcase their talent and give them the exposure they deserve.


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As you can see from the pics posted above, the event received much recognition and the turnout was a huge success, which instills confidence in the students and makes them from students into stage performers. Parents also get to see how far their kids have come since they first joined our music academy.

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