Lamps Fiesta Event -
Lamps Fiesta Event

Lamp Fiesta

Since 2012 we have been organizing our much-appreciated, Lamps Fiesta. Children from all our 17 branches in the city come and participate in the competition and get a stage to perform. Performing on a competitive level gives exposure to the young artists, which they genuinely need for their music career. The parents get to experience their kids performing on a city level platform.
The event instills confidence in the kids and they evolve into performers. Students from all our courses get an opportunity to perform and winners get awarded. Many young musicians see competition as a chance to get recognized. judges are an expert in their field and have great senses to recognize raw talent. The artists bloom into great musicians.
The events are organized at the age group level so none of the younger participants feel intimidated by senior musicians. Lamps Fiesta is a stage for recognizing talent and boosting confidence in the participants and making them bloom in their respective fields.